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Development of sustainable Tourism in Anyksciai district

Project partners: Sustainable Development Initiatives – DVI, Anyksciai Municipality, Hedmark area (Norway), NGO “Bank of ideas”(Norway).

Having many cultural and natural resources Anyksciai Municipality has named sustainable tourism as its first strategic priority, the region is also nominated a status of the Resort Area. However, local government has not yet prepared any specific sustainable tourism development plans, its specialists lack knowledge on the subject as well, while general number of arriving tourists is decreasing, and level of attracted investments is also quite low (0.59% of country’s average level).

The project aims at enhancement of sustainable development and tourism planning in the Anyksciai region through the strengthening of the capacities and skills of the Anyksciai Municipality and related public bodies by transfer of positive experiences of Norway.

Main activities: Lithuanian expert’s visit to Norway to analyze the experience existing experiences in sustainable tourism development. Two trainings (on application of sustainability principles and strategic planning of the tourism) will be delivered for the municipal employees group by group of Lithuanian and Norwegian experts. There will be two partner meetings in Lithuania, target’s groups study trip to Norway, joint development of Guidelines for Sustainable Development Principles Application in Anyksciai Regional Development, Joint development of Tourism Planning Model and its Adaptation to the needs of Anyksciai municipality, dissemination of the information on the project and other.

The project is financed by Norway using Norway’s financial mechanizm
The project is financed by Lithuania

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